Coronavirus and your Dogs

Posted on, April 14, 2020

As we are in this Coronavirus lock down we need to look after ourselves and our pets.

  • As with our hands dogs fur could carry the virus so please wash your hands after petting your dog as well as after handling any other surface.
  • There is no evidence that your dog can catch corona virus.
  • If your dog becomes sick or injured please call your vets before visiting.
  • Everyone in your household can take your dog for a walk . This will ensure that you and your dog get your daily exercise.
  • Remember to keep 2 metres apart form others, Practicing social distancing is important when walking your pet.
  • Keep your dog on  a lead with others around.
  • If you are self isolating use your garden to let your dog out if needed ask a neighbour to take your dog for a walk. If they know your dog well they can collect them from your garden.
  • We are always here to give advice please contact us via email


PLEASE REMEMBER charities are still working on helping animals that need our help if your able to donate even just a little to your chosen charity. This will help to keep us all going and able to help the animals that still need us