Christmas with your 4 legged friends

Posted on, December 10, 2019

At This festive time of year

We need to remember certain members of the family who can find this stressful.

They may become more demanding, pacing around the room and snappy.

Please take time to remember that their routine and home has been turned upside down with

extra objects, smells, loud noises e.g. crackers fireworks, twinkling lights and

excited Adults and Children some they may not know.


Here are a few useful hints to help you work

towards a stress free Christmas with your dog


  • Make time to take them on a long walk, after a good walk or run they are more likely to relax.
  • As much as possible at this busy time try to keep to their usual  routine.
  • Don’t let Adults or Children run around jump on them or play roughly,                                                                                                            The calmer people are around them the happier your dog will be.
  • Ensure that their usual sleeping / resting area is calm and quiet.
  • Be observant of your dog. You know you dog, look for signs of unusual behaviour.
  • Try not to change their diet to much as this can make them feel unwell. Not to many treats or left overs.
  • Be aware of food left on coffee tables etc, as some human food can be harmful to your dog.                                                                      There are a number of websites that have a list of harmful foods that can make your dog unwell.
  • Give treats and praise when your dog is quiet and relaxed. this promotes calm behaviour.
  • PLEASE remember that a lot of FIREWORKS are set of over Christmas and New Year.


We would like to ask that if you have time and you can take some lovely photos

of your dog enjoying themselves at Christmas

and email them to for our 2020 Christmas cards.

We would be very grateful for any that you send.

Have a Great Christmas and New Year

From all at Pointer Rescue Service