On 8th & 9th September, 2018 Pointer Rescue held a fun weekend in Nottinghamshire to celebrate 45 years of helping our favourite breed. During the weekend we shared special memories of the founder, Beryl Bugden, who sadly passed away September 2016. Pointer Rescue is the worlds oldest rescue charity homing and caring for English Pointers; this year alone thanks to the great adoption and fostering team we have homed more than one dog a week, raised money to ensure exceptional veterinary bills can be covered for life and made grants of £60,000 to other Pointer related charities.

Despite all the rain we had a great time meeting new and old friends. It was fantastic to see so many of our adopted dogs; to see many of our rescues who now have wonderful happy lives. Those we knew as withdrawn worried dogs and now blossomed into happy bouncy characters, those that obviously adore their new owners and are considered a special part of the family all make our hearts swell and make us more determined to continue.

Thank you to everyone who made this event a memorable occasion for us all.

You can now order these photographs to be printed. Please email Michael to order your prints: Michael.norton136@gmail.com