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The Pointer Rescue Service is a registered Charity ( no.273168) it’s aim is to re home unwanted Pointers (English) from UK & Ireland & From various European countries as per DEFRA import rules.

Telephone: 01202 894422



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Committee members

Carol Goodliffe


Richard May



Selina Reidy

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER NEW FOREST I grew up with dogs and feel that a house is a home to share with these lovely animals. My love of English Pointers came after adopting Bea and then Max. I am glad that I decided to become part of this family and help these lovely dogs find a loving forever home.

Sean Reidy

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER NEW FOREST Having grown up with dogs and taking on a lovely German Pointer for a friend who was no longer able to look after him. We adopted Bea as company for our German Pointer and for us and then Max.  They both have such wonderful personalities and make me smile. We all love our forest and beach walks.  

Richard Warne

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER NEW FOREST I have always loved dogs, I am unable to have one myself at the moment due to work. But by volunteering I can help many dogs have a better life.

Christopher Warne

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER NEW FOREST Dogs are a mans best friend. They make you smile and laugh . By volunteering I can help towards giving these wonderful dogs a loving home.