The adoption process is easy but thorough. Firstly a potential adopter makes an application and you have a discussion with one of the trustees or committee members about what you are looking for and what dogs we have available or likely to become available in the near future.

A formal written application is followed by a home check by one of the home checker team headed by Kerry Fitzgerald. This involves a home visit and an assessment of the home environment to confirm the suitability of the home for a pointer. Pointers need a secure garden, some can be great escape artists and will need a space to explore, protect and play in.

After the home check assessment and confirmation of the suitability of the environment, potential adopters have an ongoing discussion with Kerry Fitzgerald who is responsible for final placement as to the dog to be adopted. Before any dog is placed they are assessed by one of our fosterers to ensure we understand their needs and pass their requirements onto potential adopters.

Potential adopter then meet the dog, if dogs are already in the home this meeting must include them, and if everyone is happy the adoption takes place. PRS maintain regular contact usually during the first months of adoption to ensure everything is going well and the pointer has settled well. It is part of the contract that an adopter signs that the dog is registered on pet log, that in the event of a breakdown of adoption the dog will be returned to Pointer Rescue and never passed on to anyone else. Pointer Rescue will always be their to support the adopters and the dog, in the event of exceptional vets bills, a change in circumstances or times of need all the adopter needs to do is contact PRS and we will be there for owner and dog.

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