Terms and Conditions of Adoption

Adoption Terms & Conditions

1. Any information concerning habits and past history of the dog is passed on by Pointer Rescue Service in good faith. They can give the Adopter no guarantee as to the history of this dog, only the best of their knowledge based on statements from previous owner, foster or other persons.
2. The dog is believed to be in normal health except where specific conditions have been made known to the Adopter. The responsibility for future veterinary and other treatment that shall be borne solely by the Adopter.
3. The Pointer Rescue Service strongly advise the Adopter to arrange appropriate insurance cover for veterinary fees and liabilities that may arise from owning a dog. In particular, liabilities that may arise under the Animal Act 1971.
4. The Adopter agrees to comply with all relevant regulations, legislation and laws concerning the welfare, control, responsible ownership and protection of animals.
5. If the dog is unneutered at the time of adoption, the Adopter agrees to having the dog neutered as soon as possible unless there are overriding veterinary reasons for it not being possible.
6. The Adopter agrees to maintain the microchip records of the dog by informing the microchip database of any changes of address or ownership.
7. The Adopter agrees not to pass on the dog to another rescue, company, family member or person without the consent from Pointer Rescue Service. If the dog needs to return to Pointer Rescue Service for any reason, there will be no refund of donation.
8. The Adopter agrees that Pointer Rescue Service can contact them at a reasonable time by phone or email to check the dog’s welfare.
9. If the Terms and Conditions are broken or if the rescueconsiders the dog’s welfare at risk, Pointer Rescue Service have the right to remove the dog from wherever it is residing.