Tips to keep your dog healthy & how to help them if they are ill or hurt.

Posted on, December 29, 2019


  • Know your dog when they are healthy.
  • Be aware of the food they eat certain foods can make them unwell and put weight on your dog.
  • Be aware of how many treats / meals  your pet has per day as this can add weight thus adding to health problems.
  • If they eat to fast try using a slow feeder bowl.
  • Ensure they get enough exercise.
  • In hot weather keep your dog cool. Ensure they have constant access to drinking water, It will not harm them if they miss a walk if the weather is extremely hot. You can do more harm by walking them.
  • Pavements and sand if you cannot stand on it barefoot neither can your dog.
  • Cold weather if your walking in snow wipe your dogs feet when you get home to make sure that they do not have snow between there pads as this can burn.
  • As with children keep anything that could harm your dog in a cupboard. Out of harms way.
  • Always restrain your pet when travelling. a seat belt strap that clips onto your dogs collar or harness or in a cage. This prevents them distracting you while your driving, Also keeping yourself or your pet from getting hurt if you have to stop quickly.
  • While out with your dog always have your phone with you in case of emergencies.
  • Carry a small water bottle for your dog you may not always find a puddle for them to drink from.
  • Carry a first aid kit for you pet while on a walk this has only the basics for you but can be a big help, if your a distance from your car.


  • Know your pet, Know when they are not themselves.
  • Keep yourself safe at all times ask a friend or family member to help you.
  • If they have eaten something that has made them poorly take it with you to the vets.
  • If they have hurt themselves let the vets know as much detail as possible before taking them to the vets.
  • When taking your pet to the vets if they are hurt or ill always contact the vets first, Your pet may be more irritable so please restrain them safely. maybe muzzle them if needed ( this can be done with a scarf, lead or bandage depending on what is available to you.


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