Hi, I'm Mora

About Mora

UPDATE:- Mora is settling well and is no longer trying to escape. Recall in the garden is very good unless she sees a butterfly. Recall out is still hit and miss. She needs somewhere safe where she can run. She loves playing with other dogs.

UPDATE:- Mora is a very active dog. She will escape if there is an opportunity. Once she is focused on something she becomes deaf and blind to anything else so recall becomes a problem. She will need a secure fenced or walled garden and a secure area to go for exercise. She would benefit from another dog to play with but not essential.

Mora is from Spain. She loves to explore and would need a safe area for exercise at least for the first few weeks. She was very thin but getting better. She is happy and bright. She doesn’t stop and eats very well. She is great with the other dogs

  • Bright and happy
  • 2 years
  • Female
  • Dorset

Some more details about me

Can i live with other dogs? Yes
Can I live with cats? Unknown
Am I house trained? Yes
Can I live with children Older children

Important Information

Mora has been spayed. Blood tests were negative.

I have been looked after

I’ve been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and neutered as required
I have been examined by a vet and treated as required ready for adoption
Assessed by an experienced member of our team at English Pointer Rescue

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