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is a black and white pointer from Spain. He was born on June 15, 2012; his passport calls him Bass Little is known of his life till, we presume, he was surrendered into the Santander pound His rescuers were touched by his sad face, his skin and bones body, and the little wounds covering his face.

He then became Raz, and lived with his rescuer in her house alongside other animals. We saw his picture whilst we were on holiday in Spain. We made tentative enquiries but someone else was interested, so we said OK. Let him go to whoever….

But that wasn’t to be Safely home I asked Claire if he had been rehomed, the answer was no, and before we knew it we were agreeing to have this unknown boy. Always a bit scary that, walking into the unknown. However on February 11th we drove down to Hendaye to meet Raz and bring him home. Poor boy had been driven around Spain all morning, and we hit a traffic jam going home so it was late when we got him home.

The first few days were a bit nightmarish. He destroyed all the dogs beds and he was not at all house trained. But he went happily into his crate at night and was clean. Very nervous and frightened of almost everything We decided to call him Sam. That seemed to fit him. He got on fine with the other dogs, but was frightened of men. Especially tall men. Luckily we had tall men friends who were gentle and kind and took time to help him.

He started settling down and stopped screwing his eyes in fear. He played with toys and the other dogs. He became clean in the house. Then we went on holiday! He didn’t like the change and so we had to go back to basics with reassurance and lots of cuddles. Our local dog club has an agility section, so off went Sam to do agility. He loves it. He learned all the elements quite quickly and loves having his turn. Lately he has become a bit distracted by a butterfly! The others love to see him pointing the butterfly.

Sam very quickly learned most of the obedience commands and enjoys going for walks in the woods and dunes. He runs off lead and his recall is good. All in all a perfect dog! Sam is a great favourite and now loves everyone, but mostly he loves his own people and his own home. He is much more confident and loves love life and lives it to the full

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